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Mature content
Urie x Reader | the admirer and the admired :iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 88 15
Akashi Seijurou x Reader [Beauty And The Beast]
The sun was raising on the land. The air was fresh, as in the very beginning of the winter. The usual birdsong was replaced by the light whistling wind. The snow hadn’t reach the little land but everything was ready to welcome the new season.
It was in this ambience that (Name) left her slumber to slowly open her eyes. (Name) was a nice and loved young Duchess, raised by her father. Her mother died a long time ago, leaving her girl and her husband alone in the running of their land. (Father Name) was good. A real great man always there to listen to the people of the villages around. Everyone lived in a fairy peace which seemed to be eternal.
After some stretching and yawning, (Name) eventually left her warm and cosy bed to be prepared for her day. She had her own routine and occupations during the day. Lessons, being around some influent people, being there to listen some villagers and all. She loved her life. She knew she was fortunate, expect for the loss of her mother, she had
:iconlovely-baka:Lovely-Baka 16 4
Mature content
Wrong -- {Levi/F.Reader} AU | nsfw :iconizahi:izahi 188 53
romance novels and libraries. | akashi seijuro
romance novels and libraries. | akashi seijuro x gn!reader
☆ library!au
The library. The highlight of my Monday's to Saturday's. Not because it's peaceful and quiet and away or because I can find some nice corner to nap. No, it's because sitting behind the circulation desk in my line of sight is Akashi Seijuro, the librarian.
Uh huh, I said it, librarian. I'd spell it out, but you'd probably know the spelling by now. He's not the stereotypical uptight old timer (although the last librarian was just that). He's young, like very young, possibly early-twenties to mid-twenties. And yes, his wardrobe consists of sweaters and cardigans and dress shirts as far as I can tell, but he brings librarian chic to a whole new level.
He's the kind of man that you'd think is more fitting to be a model and not a librarian. I mean, he's just so beautiful. Akashi is, like, sixty-eight percent of the reason why I make it my mission to head over to the library six da
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 284 68
a grieving sky | kageyama
            “I want to do something fun…” The ginger standing next to you pouts, kicking the small sand dune in front of him. “I know, how about a swimming race?”
            “Oh, that’s a great idea!” Nodding at Hinata and turning to face your boyfriend, you tug on his arm. “C’mon, Tobio, let’s race!”
            “I don’t really want to,” he murmurs as he looks off to the side, uncomfortable with the sudden suggestion.
            “It’ll be fun!” Hinata bursts out. “I mean, we all can swim, so why not?”
            “It’ll be good training for you two, too,” you muse. “Endurance and stamina and
:icondragonmunchy:dragonmunchy 65 90
|Izaya Orihara x Reader|
Warning: Gets a little steamy, but nothing explicit.
1. Mysterious Purple
For as long as you'd known Izaya, he had never ceased to surprise you.
Sometimes he would pop in at the most random times. You remembered he once ran into you when you were grocery shopping. He claimed it was purely a coincidence, but you knew better. Other times he would disappear for days on end, only to return and regal you with tales of his information hunting, often shocking you with just much dirt he had at his disposal.
Whatever he pulled out from behind that playful smirk always kept you on your toes, but you supposed that just added to his alluringly mysterious appeal.
2. Tranquil Blue
You savored moments like these.
Rare were the fleeting moments when Shizuo and Izaya weren't causing mayhem for the city or Izaya wasn't busy throwing lives into chaos, and you loved being able to have your boyfriend all to yourself.
For once, Izaya was quiet - a s
:iconnodakime:Nodakime 319 71
Mature content
hurt you | kageyama tobio :iconminakurosaki:minakurosaki 139 44
House on the Hill // Levi
“Doesn’t look like the rain will be letting up anytime soon.”
You stared out the window into the dark and greyed world outside. Rain pelted relentlessly from the roaring sky. It had been clashing with the glass so hard it almost sounded as if it would shatter.
Letting the curtain drop over the window, you turned your back to it and walked across the dimly illuminated room over to Levi. He’d been working tirelessly at his desk yet again. You understood he was Lance Corporal of the Scouting Legion, but that didn’t mean his endless exertion didn’t trouble you to some extent.
Approaching him from behind, you ghosted your hand over his shoulder, causing him to flinch. “Relax, Levi. It’s just me.”
He seemed to relax into your touch after that. “I’m in the middle of something,” he said.
“How long until you’re done?”
He didn’t answer for a moment, as if he had been lost in thought. Regaining his foc
:iconwhat-the-honk:what-the-honk 131 57
Mrs. Ackerman Part II (Cheater! Levi X Reader)
Warning: For sexual themes and mild language (for full sex scene the link is on the description box, you nasty).
“Oi, shitty glasses.”
Hanji stopped dead in her tracks and whipped her head at the sound of the familiar monotone voice behind her.
“Eh?! What are you doing here, Shorty???” she inquired hastily, raising her eyebrows in surprise.
Levi responded by reaching into his pocket and pulling out a very wrinkled piece of paper. He stared at it nonchalantly before reluctantly handing it to Hanji. She just stared at it, perplexed.
“It’s my wedding present for (F/n). I’d give it to my lawyer but I’m going out of town tonight. Got it?” he muttered.
Hanji reached out and took it; she carefully unfolded it.
“Divorce papers?! Didn’t you file these a long time ago, Levi? What the heck?” Hanji asked angrily.
The corporal sighed in clear annoyance and shrugged. He naturally felt annoyed around Hanji but today he jus
:iconlonelyxsonata:lonelyxsonata 287 57
How You Fell For Izaya {Part 2 of 2 Parts}
How You Fell For Izaya {Part 2 of 2 Parts}
The 10 Stages of Love Challenge


6. Holding Hands

    Where the hell does Izaya live? Seriously, were you guys even in Ikebukuro anymore? You were an ice sculpture waiting to happen. If Shizuo Nigou bit you right now, you wouldn't feel it. It was unbearably frigid. Surely by now your fingers were frostbitten. They had to be.
    You did what anyone in this situation would do. Desperate times call for desperate measures. You lit up a cig. You drew it closer to your lips, ready to fill your body up with warmth. You didn't feel it, but you saw it happen. Izaya smacked your hand.
    "My, my, _____-chan, you're picking up some nasty habits." Izaya mocked. You were mad. It took you a while to do t
:iconshaynalanibaker:shaynalanibaker 199 47
Funny Habits [Student!Levi x Student!Reader] [AU]
“Alright, [Name],” you thought to yourself. “You just looked at the clock. DON’T LOOK AGAIN FOR ANOTHER TEN MINUTES.”

Nervously, you wrapped the end of your pen at the edge of your notebook. The drone of the professor’s voice was putting you to sleep by the second. Frankly, your brain was too tired from studying to even try taking more notes.
“Don’t look at the clock. Don’t look at the clock.”
The words became a ritual anytime the urge so much as tickled the back of your brain. You had an important meeting afterwards, one you had been looking forward to all damn year;
your first date with Levi Ackerman.
“Don’t look at the clock. Don’t look at the clock.”
You had been waiting for this to happen since Christmas. Although you shared the same classes since junior high, when you first transferred, you never really felt any romantic attachment to him. He was so much of a hardass, thuggish creep, hardly
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 606 284
Mature content
Naughty or Nice Izaya x Reader :iconfirelightphoenix:FireLightPhoenix 476 160
Art Is Love Levi (Levi x Reader) ~Oneshot~
I groaned as I stared at the class bully, Levi Ackerman. That boy had an attitude and the mouth to go with it. He would never do his assignments, make rude statements in class, and then he’s walk off like it never happened. Honestly, I know he’s a great kid, and really smart at that. He just doesn’t care about my Art Class, and that annoys me.
All the other teachers that have him say that he’s foul mouthed and bad mannered, but he’s at the top of their class. Never a missed assignment, not a single grade lower than an A+, and to top it off, he actually participates once a week in class! He has a special day for each class where he raises his hand and says something that ISN’T a snide remark, EXCEPT FOR MINE!!
He smirked at the three girls as one cried and the other two tried to kill him, only to be held back by two of their friends.
“Christa, please stop crying. I’ll give you an extension on the project, so no need to worry. Mikasa, Ymir,
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 253 175
[Rivaille x Titan Shifter!Reader] - Don't Go
"It's just me. You can try and attack me." Rivaille raised his blade, so it was at eye level.
"I'll kill everyone who tries to attack you."
Reversing back to earlier that day, All of the Titans had been exterminated. Except for a girl named [Name]. Eren was an exception.
"Corporal! Come back!"
"What are you doing?! Rivaille!"

The leaders of the country had been sparing you, recently. But they were starting to have a change in mind.
"That's just fucking BULLSHIT!" slamming her hands onto the table, Hanji Zoe glared at the leaders. "After all she's done, after all the hard work you've put her through, you're just going to KILL HER?!" Hanji hissed.
"We never said anything about killing her."
"It's still the same thing! Locking her up in the basement until she starves to death?!" She screamed. "What about her HUMAN RIGHTS?!"
One of the leaders stood. "Human Rights? Don't make me laugh." He sneered. "Do you really think, you can call her a human...?" He asked.
:iconyurimikki:YuRiMiKkI 741 133
Mature content
Zero Kiryu x Reader [Lemon] 'Twisted' :icondancingxpencil:DancingXPencil 108 2



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